“The Undiagnosed Artist”

In Jamaican patois, a washbelly is the last child out of a woman. Made from the leftovers, the scraps, the residue, the least material, literally the wash of the belly. This artist submits to that description.

To use the term as a name for his artistic endeavours is an appropriation and a cultural one at that. He being a CIS gendered white English male. It is perhaps not the most politically correct thing to do in the 21st century, but as the hangman said on the scaffold to the murderer John Christie who was complaining of an itchy nose — “don’t worry, it won’t bother you for long!” washbelly was cancelled long ago so he has no worries on that score, but if he has any get-out-of-jail cards they all belong to his partner in honesty who hails from that Caribbean idyll mentioned above. She reminds him daily that he didn’t have to step over any dead bodies on his way to work this morning.

The undiagnosed artist washbelly is an anti-fascist, anti-theist, anti-natalist, free thinker, libertarian, a revolutionary, ill-tempered, misanthrope, but otherwise perfectly polite. He has his ‘problems’ which explains the undiagnosed tag attached to his name. Perhaps he was hoping his art would provide some relief. If so he hoped in vain.

The unrepresented artist washbelly has no CV. He does not have a career in art. He does not exhibit and has no interest in a gallery system that most likely feels the same way about him. He does not sign his work. He cares nothing for posterity.

See more of Washbelly’s art at @washbelly_art