Rowena Roberts

Paper Cut Art

Rowena Roberts is a Lincolnshire based visual artist specializing in paper cut art .

“Mental health issues are close to my heart . I mean isn’t everyone affected in some way? I have anxiety and have had since I was a young child. I’m realising though I didn’t know it at the time. Family members have struggled with anxiety and depression due to health issues and life issues I guess and now I have children of my own I have become even more interested in helping them navigate the world so that they can handle life in a positive way . 

Unfortunately, you cannot protect your children from everything and sadly my daughter lost a friend to suicide last year. Since then, she has developed anxious thoughts and behaviours. This has again brought the issue closer to home.

I use art to help support me in my mental health issues. Slowing down to create my lace like designs from paper is one of the only time my mind isn’t racing trying to solve problems that don’t have solutions , or often problem that don’t even exist yet . I believe that having a creative outlet is so beneficial to me and could do the same for others.”

See more of Rowena’s art at @rowenaroberts