Paul Kneen

Inspired by Street Art

Paul Kneen’s work focusses heavily on current societal issues, believing that art should discuss topics allowing the viewer to form their own opinions.

Over the years, Paul has discussed a variety of topics including global warming, the rich/poor divide and more recently mental health issues within his work.

Clearly influenced by the street art scene, Paul uses a variety of mediums including spray paint and acrylic marker pens.

When I begin a painting, I decide what I think will be the most effective way of portraying the point I’m trying to make and then decide which way to paint it. Sometimes it’ll be using stencils, other times I’ll take a more traditional fine art approach.

I don’t like to be pigeon-holed as a particular type of artist and enjoy experimenting with different styles and mediums. For me, the experimenting is where exciting things you never think of can happen”, explains Paul.

Paul Kneen has had solo and group shows within South Africa and the UK, more recently showcasing his work alongside street art legends such as Banksy, My Dog Sighs, Ben Eine and KAWS.