Lawlight Maledictus

I’m a surrealist artist who creates images based on mental health and autism. I want to raise a form of awareness and understanding. I use memory photographs for the images I produce and use figurative studies from artists such as Joel Peter-Witkin, Francesca Woodman, Eadward Muybridge. My style is similar to Francis Bacon and drawing style of junji ito.

My images depict mental health and the struggles of living in a society where you have to behave, but you can’t with a mental illness. My method is to take a concept or trope and twist it in a symbolic narrative that represents the disorder or studies. For example: How people are ignorant towards mental disorders and how the media gives it a negative representation. How the government’s ignorance towards cuts funding to medication, facilities, therapy, livelihood. How there are negative stigmas and tropes about autism and how it’s portrayed.

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