Jazmine Saunders

Jazmine Saunders is a multifaceted artist who has been practicing art for 20 years. She began her art career as a self-taught artist working on commission, but wanting to further her practice and understanding of the art world she went on to study fine art with sculpture, finishing her B.A (Hons) degree in 2019.

While in university she explored themes based around intertwining humans with nature, and uses a process led approach in different mediums, continuing and evolving her themes since finishing. Alongside her art practice she has been exploring and gaining skills in different career fields such as working as a carer, to working with children in SEN education as a teaching assistant, and teaching art workshops for those with health conditions needing an escape.  

Through her experiences she says, “it has given me a unique prospective on what life can mean to different people. When it comes to mental health it is a very important subject to me, because I see so much loneliness. When you look up and truly look, everyone is looking down at their phones. Even in conversation with groups of people, most will have their phone in their hand or on the table waiting for a notification from some app or somebody, leading to anxiety and a lack of ability to have real connections and communication between people when they are face to face. This leads people to feel lonely and depressed and distracts us from quality time spent with others and feelings of isolation. You can’t take care of others if you don’t know how to take care of yourself.
I’m not saying technology is a bad thing but that we need to stop and take a breath to reconnect with what makes us human. Through mindful practices I have found that even through the hardest of emotional situations, self-care is hugely important to aid in creating and leading a quality of life. Leading to better quality time spent with others and aids to escape loneliness when you are spending time on your own. We plug in to charge our phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, the list goes on: Forgetting to plug in to a higher power tto recharge ourselves! This idea fuels the work I am creating now.”

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