Hannah Cawthorne

Abstract Painting

“Depicting mental states is a big part of my art practice, attempting to capture the ever shifting feeling of being alive. I use my art as a way to document my emotional inner life. Lockdown was interesting as it gave us a collective experience that evoked a similar range of strong feelings in many of us. I’m interested in depicting these emotions that affect all of us at some point – grief, anxiety, confusion, despair, but also joy and hopefulness. I think my work is ambiguous in its abstract forms, so it offers everyone a chance to discover for themselves something relating to the emotions I am talking about.
“As someone that has struggled in the past with anxiety and depression, and probably will do again, I find art a great medium for channeling those thoughts and energies that need an outlet. Making this vibrant colourful work is an act of healing and a purposeful turning away from the negative that dwells inside me.”
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