Dale Tyler-Lodge

Mixed Media / Upcycled Art

Dale Tyler-Lodge first got into art during the first lockdown, as a way of channelling her anxiety and emotions.

Dale describes herself as a mixed media and upcycling artist that also does a bit of photography.

Dale started out upcycling discarded mannequins into lamps and homewares, but soon discovered they made a great tool for self expression.
In summer 2021, Dale’s lockdown efforts were rewarded when her piece Wasteland Aphrodite was voted one of the three winners of the New Grooves Gallery people’s choice vote.
Dale says: “Creative practices not only take me out of my own head and give my mind something to focus on, they allow me to almost get hold of what I’m feeling and in a way ‘trap’ it in a piece of artwork. It makes it feel like a way to remove the emotion from myself and turn it into something separate – an art object that I can then observe and, in a way, admire.”

Dale curated and participated in Unhooked 21 with her Four Influencers of the Apocalypse installation.
See more of Dale’s work @mernpunk