Clarke Reynolds

Clarke Reynolds lives in Portsmouth England and is a registered blind visual artist.

“Art began as escapism for me after I started losing sight in my right eye aged 4. Despite my limited sight, I became a passionate artist and art lover, carrying this through life with me through to adulthood.

When I began to lose sight in my left eye aged 33, I channelled this through my art and began creating pieces inspired by my lack of vision.

In 2019 I did a massive community art project for Portsmouth festivities called Eye Sea Squares 2020 and the idea was to make a large tapestry inspired by the sound of the sea showing that no matter your sight loss you can experience art. This inspired me to learn Braille which only took me three weeks. A lightbulb went off in my head – why can’t Braille be an art form?

So I’ve taken a tactile language and interpreted it into visual language of dots. my hope is too teach Braille through my art. I now consider myself a Braille Artist.”

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Instagram: @blind.braille.artist