Charlotte Hampson

Charlotte Hampson is an artist and yoga teacher from Portsmouth. Charlotte graduated from Wimbledon college of arts UAL in 2019 and has since qualified as a Hatha yoga instructor after exploring the connection between mindfulness and creativity at university. Charlottes work combines meditation and yoga practices with painting by using the movements of the body to paint onto large scale canvas.

“Yoga has given me a new perspective of life as it has taught me the meaning of balance, acceptance and gratitude. There cannot be a rainbow without rain and I can now accept I will have harder darker days knowing there will always be lighter happier ones ahead. Yoga has helped me find gratitude for the smaller things in life and that my true happiness will always shine from within and less so from the material realm.”

Charlotte also teaches yoga and painting workshops to inspire others to experience the healing nature of art and how a yoga practice can help spark creativity.

Find out more:

Instagram: champsonart

Art / meditation workshops: artflowyoga