Carla Cannon

Mixed Media Art

“For some years I have struggled with long episodes of anxiety and depression. I had often heard many say that art had become a form of therapy and for myself this is true. Through my work I have been able to process my feelings and experiences far more than I could have within a counselling session.

I am continuing to experiment and explore with many different mediums which feels at times ‘momentary’. My work in connection to my emotions is usually paint driven with use of a pallet knife where as my story telling will become an embroidery piece; I either need the physicality that paint provides or the cathartic meditative feel that textile work creates.
I feel that art is perceived differently by each individual, we do not see art with the same eye, our lives experiences and emotions are unique to us so we all experience something different when viewing a piece of work. I would like to think my work creates an emotion, a question or a thought within the viewer.
See more of Carla’s work at @cjwiththeflow