Arts Exhibition “Unhooked” Showcases Artists Raising Awareness for Mental Health Charity

Wednesday, 14th July 2021: Artists will unveil works inspired by their own mental health stories at the Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport later this year.

The Unhooked Exhibition, curated and managed by Dale Lodge of Mernpunk Alternative Interiors, provides artists with a platform to raise awareness and understanding of issues surrounding mental health within the community.

Airing at the Yellow Edge Gallery from the 9th to the 17th October 2021, the exhibition features works from over 20 acclaimed UK Artists, including Tom Fry, Laura Greenway, Clarke Reynolds, Ashleigh Spice, Adam Riches and Jazmine Saunders, and explores themes ranging from grief, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and depression, to living with blindness, autism, and other disabilities.

In addition to providing artists a space to start conversations about mental health and art as therapy, the exhibition aims to raise funds for Mental Health Charity Solent Mind, a UK-based support service providing help for people dealing with a broad range of mental illnesses.

“We have set ourselves a target to raise £5,000, which will be split into two sections,” says curator and exhibition organiser, Dale Lodge. “The first part is to cover the gallery’s non-profit hire charge of £1000 for the duration of the exhibition, so that all artists will be able to exhibit without the pressure of having to find the funds to allow them to do so. The remainder of our target amount is to raise funds for Solent Mind.”

The exhibition welcomes and encourages those willing to assist, offering organisations the opportunity to sponsor an artist’s £50 exhibition fee, contribute towards the fundraising goal, or donate to the charity directly. Every penny raised will count in the mission to help Solent Mind improve the lives of hundreds of local people who are reaching out to them for help – and of course, the many who will continue to do so in the future. Organisations sponsoring the event will have their Company name featured across the exhibition’s literature, as well as across the event’s social media and web platforms.

For more information regarding the exhibition, the artists, the gallery, or Solent Mind Charity, please visit, or get in touch at

You can also donate directly to the event through the exhibition’s GoFundMe,


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