Auction Catalogue

The auction is now over. Thank you to all of those who donated and attended. A final total will be posted soon!

Lot 1

Lot 1 – ‘The Power of Now’

Donated by Retrovandal

Steampunk style acrylic and spraypaint on upcycled wall art

Lot 2

Lot 2

Donated by Adam Riches

Ballpoint pen, A4 size, framed

Lot 3

Lot 3

“Gluttony 1, 2 and 3”

Donated by Peter Charambalides

21cm x 29cm and are Spray, Oil and Acrylic Paint on canvas

To be auctioned as one lot

Lot 4

Lot 4

“Drowning in Myself”

Donated by Mernpunk

Acrylic paint and metallic leaf on repurposed mannequin hands

Lot 5

Lot 5

1 hour shoot plus 1 10×8 print and £100 voucher that can be used towards a digital photo package

Donated by Spice Art

Lot 6

Lot 6

“Three of Hearts”

Donated by Omerta Jewellery Silversmiths

Hallmarked at the London Assay Office, weighs 10.8g. is made from sterling silver with gold filled hearts. The chain is a semi rigid Omega in sterling silver. 

Lot 7

Lot 7


Donated by Martyn Child

Oil on panel, 25cm x 25cm

Lot 8

Lot 8


Donated by Truly Lost Dark Art

H: 332mm – W: 282mm – D: 25mm

Lot 9

Portsmouth FC football programme signed by entire 2020 season first team

Donated by Portsmouth FC

Lot 10

“Staring at the Black Dog”

Donated by Clarke Reynolds

Piece is 50cm by 60cm an upcycled mirror with black frame. Raised black dots in Braille saying “black dog has been used as a metaphor for depression from classical fables”

Lot 11

“True Gent”

Oil and pastel original, framed

Donated by Anita Mortimer at Mortimer Gallery, Horncastle, Lincs

Lot 12

“PhotoBombing” – by Anita Mortimer. 

Anonymous donor.

A3 limited edition framed print.

Lot 13

“Colourful Soul” by Hayley Paterson

A3 acrylic on canvas

Lot 14

Donated by Gary Moore – Lost Soul Artist

Lot 15

“Calm In The Storm”

Donated by Jazmine Saunders

Acrylic on canvas

Lot 16


Donated by Brodnax Moore

(63 elements of DNA code (ACGT) depicting the Last Universal Common Ancestor)

Acrylic on Canvas

43 x 51 cm

Lot 17

“Autumn Woodland”

Donated by Chris Jenkins

Wet Felted Wool, Framed

42 x 42 cm

Lot 18


Donated by Gilli Gregory

Oil on linen canvas

60 x 50 cm

Lot 19


Donated by Gillian Hawkins

Hand coloured etching, framed

14 x 14 cm

Lot 20


Donated by Maggie Cochran

Watercolour, Framed

35 x 35 cm

Lot 21


Donated by Rowland Phillips



34 x 49 cm

Lot 22


Donated by Johnathan Waterhouse

Ltd Edition signed print


57 x 57 cm

Lot 23


Donated by Johnathan Waterhouse

Ltd Edition signed print


56 x 43cm

Lot 24

“Beach Boy”

Donated by Kevin Harrison

Ltd Edition signed print


30 x 42cm

Lot 25

“Blue Trees”

Donated by Sara Pitkeathly



43 x 33 cm

Lot 26

Wet Felted Necklace with additional fibres and glass beads

Donated by Chris Jenkins

Lot 27

“The Bay”

Donated by Eliza Pook

Etching T10, 2021, Framed

23 x 32

Lot 28

“Head 15”

Donated by Kevin Harrison

Signed Ltd Edition Print, Framed

43 x 33

Lot 29

“Green Blush Pears”

Donated by Emma Bentley

Giclee Print

Mounted 41 x 51 cm

Lot 30


Donated by Emma Bentley

Gemstone Mosaic


24 x 24 cm

Lot 31

“Namaste – The Light Within”

Donated by Emma Bentley

Giclee Print


41 x 41 cm

Lot 32

“Off Portsmouth”

Donated by Paul Harber

Original watercolour, Framed

31 x 38 cm

Lot 33

“Geometric Shell”

Donated by Emma Bentley

Giclee Print


41 x 51 cm

Lot 34

“Blue Treescape”

Donated by Emma Bentley

Acrylic on paper

32 x 32 cm

Lot 35

“Red Onion”

Donated by Emma Bentley

Giclee Print

Mounted 41 x 41 cm

Lot 36

“Leffe Beach”

Donated by Karen Eames

Oil and cWM on cradled wood

31 x 31 cm

Lot 37

Plain Tiger preparing to pupate (hanging upside down)

Donated by Emma Bentley

Giclee Print


51 x 41 cm

Lot 38

“Tea for Two”

Donated by Barbara Hamilton

Lino cut

30 x 40 cm

Lot 39


Donated by Barbara Hamilton

Lino Cut

30 x 40 cm

Lot 40

“Mountain Sunset”

Donated by David Brims

Ltd Edition Print


48 x 60 cm

Lot 41

“Mexican Market”

Donated by Don Richards

Ink drawing


50 x 35 cm

Lot 42

“Sweet Peas and Orchids”

Donated by Sue Halloway

Oil on Canvas, Framed

48 x 38

Lot 43

“Views from the Lighthouse”

Donated by Wendy Whitaker



30 x 40 cm